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Our plans offer big-time value and flexibility, plus built-in rewards like faster phone upgrades. You can even customize the features on each line in your plan.
\r\nPlease review your current account information below before proceeding. Once complete, the plan change will take effect on the day the order is processed by our order fulfillment team (up to 72 hours from the time you complete your order). This may result in pro-rated charges appearing on your next bill. For more information see our Billing FAQs<\/a> or call Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400.
\r\nPlease Note: If you are on one of our older plans, it will no longer be available after you upgrade to a new plan.<\/p>", "banErrorMessage": "", "transactionType": "1", "planType": "singleLinePlan", "isSharedData": "0", "currentMonthlyChargeSummary": [ { "ctn": "785-819-3292", "price": "131.56" } ], "planName": "Family Voice 1000", "includedMinutes": "1000", "includedFeatures": [ { "featureName": "Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes", "featureDescription": "

Unlimited calling to and from other U.S. Cellular® customers.<\/p>", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "7PM Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes", "featureDescription": "

Receive Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes starting at 7:00 p.m.<\/p>", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Free Incoming Calls, Texts, Pix and Video Messages", "featureDescription": "Receive calls, text, picture, and video messages from anyone, anywhere, anytime at no charge.", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Voice Mail", "featureDescription": "Never miss a call on your wireless phone, 24 hours a day.", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Call Waiting", "featureDescription": "

Never miss an important call. Just like at home, a short tone signals that another call is\r\non the line.<\/p>", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Caller ID", "featureDescription": "

See who's calling you before you answer the phone by seeing the caller's name and number on\r\nyour handset display.<\/p>", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Call Forwarding", "featureDescription": "Transfer incoming calls to any other phone number", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Three-Way Calling", "featureDescription": "Add a third person to your conversation, enabling a conference call even outside the office", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Voice Overage Protection", "featureDescription": "A helpful tool that allows you to manage your wireless usage. Gain peace of mind by automatically receiving a Text Message alert when your account approaches its monthly limit of voice minutes.", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Daily Data", "featureDescription": "Unlimited daily usage ($3/day) so you can surf the Web, check e-mail, stream videos and more.", "isInATGCatalog": "1" }, { "featureName": "Pay-As-You-Go Messaging", "featureDescription": "Send a text, picture or video message for just $0.25 per message. All incoming messages are free.", "isInATGCatalog": "1" } ], "singleLineDesc": "", "activeBanCtns": [ { "ctnNumber": "785-819-3292", "phoneImageUrl": "/uscellular/images/products/phones/unknown-device-60x90.png" } ], "countCTN": "1", "defaultCTN": "785-819-3292" }